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Mar 2   |   JohnG

The Hollies

February has been a slow month for the group, so I thought I would share an inspirational music program. I was recently surfing on qello concerts, when I chanced upon The Hollies, Look Through Any Window 1963-1975. Having always been a fan of the group, but interested in knowing more about them, I proceeded to watch this documentary. 

I was totally floored.

Some takeaways:

  • These guys look like kids in the early years
  • Bobby Elliot is an unorthodox drummer who always seems to play what is absolutely correct for the song
  • Tony Hicks has to be one of the most under-rated guitarists of the rock era, paying this guy 18 pounds a week, as demanded by Tony’s father, was money well spent, great singer too.
  • The magic between Clarke and Nash is palpable; CSN can’t hold a candle to CNH!
  • You have to admire how these guys kept plugging away, even after the departure of Nash, way to go!

Included in the documentary is some footage shot by George Martin at Abbey Road studios, during the January 1967 session for “On a Carousel.” If you get a chance, you have to watch this in its entirety. If you don’t subscribe to, it’s available on DVD at

Here is an excerpt from the Abbey Road session, the a cappella three-part harmony practice at the end of this clip is amazing. Notice the alternate cold ending, which would have been much better than the fade-out.

Spotlight on Eliza Schneider

Perhaps as a regular feature we will highlight a past band member or singer from the group. There have been many, but in this edition I will spotlight Eliza Schneider, from the first teen lineup in 1988. Eliza’s edition in March of that year rounded out the teen trio with Tricia & Jennie.

Eliza has gone on to arguably have the most successful career in entertainment of all of the members of the group, though Bennett Kilmer may be a close second. Eliza’s work post-group includes several television series and countless voice-overs, including work on the TV show South Park, the movie Finding Nemo, and the game series Assassin’s Creed.

The following media clips show some examples of Eliza’s work with IT’S MY PARTY!

Here’s Eliza singing lead on a demo tape version of the Deborah Galli song from 1984 entitled “American Boys.”

Here’s Eliza singing lead on The Girlfriends song “My One and Only Jimmy Boy,” live in Penfield, June 1988.

Here is a clip of Eliza in the studio WBER studio on April 20, 1988, working on the backing vocals to “Walkin’ With Me.”  Watching this 17-minute reveals the spontaneity of this session. At times we almost seem to be winging it. Eliza is quite a trooper through it all, demonstrating the patience and collective give-and-take necessary in the studio. Thanks go out to our friend, Jim Marrow, who captured this, and other early IMP moments, on his VHS video recorder.

Here’s a segment of a documentary from Bravo Network with Eliza that will give you an idea of what she’s been up to lately.

Here is Eliza’s official website, if you’re interested in learning more about her.

Our YouTube video to “In Your Letter” has recently gone over 1,000 views. If you get a chance, give it a view, a thumbs up, and a comment. 

Well, that’s all for now, we’ll have more studio updates in our next issue.

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