The Confetti Clatter July 2015 – News Update

Jul 30   |   JohnG

IT’S MY PARTY! added to Wikipedia

We are excited to announce that our group is now included on Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia. Apparently the name for the site comes from the Hawaiian word “wiki,” which means quick, and “pedia,” which originates from a Greek word, meaning knowledge. The inclusion on Wikipedia helps to build more credibility for the group, and ensures that its legacy will continue. You can visit our Wikipedia page here: IT’S MY PARTY!

IT’S MY PARTY! releases a new EP

He Wasn't Like ThatAfter months of hard work, the group released its fourth single, entitled “He Wasn’t Like That (When He Used to Be Mine).” The release consists of three cover tracks: the title track, “In Your Letter,” and “You Won’t Even Know Her Name.” 

Track one was originally recorded by the late George Hamilton. “She Wasn’t Like That (When She Used to Be Mine)” was written by Raleigh and Barken, the latter also wrote many girl group singles, including some recorded by Lesley Gore. The song lent itself to a recording by a girl group. I’m sure you will agree, when you listen to our version.

Track two was originally recorded by REO Speedwagon and included on their highly successful album, High Infidelity. Like the first track, “In Your Letter” opened itself up to a girl group rendition. An interesting side-note to this song is that is was covered in 1982 by Mike Zero’s Randy and the Rainbows, most famous for their 1963 hit song “Denise.”

The final track is one that has been part of the IT’S MY PARTY! live repertoire for several years. “You Won’t Even Know Her Name” was written by Mike Curb and recorded in the ’60s by the Starlets and Josephine Sunday. Our version has elements of both, but more closely resembles the Josephine Sunday version. Josephine Sunday was 18-years old when she recorded that track, and lived in Washington, DC.  

Currently the EP is only available digitally as a download of the complete work, or as individual tracks. The release is in queues for inclusion on various digital services, like iTunes and Amazon, but is now available at CD Baby. “He Wasn’t Like That (When He Used to Be Mine)” will also be available as a physical CD, in the near future. Keep checking in at the media section of our website for updates on this release.

Performance season heating up

The Girls rock out at Newark's Music on the Erie Concert

The girls rock out at Newark’s Music on the Erie Concert

The girls performed five times in July, and were rained out once in Perry, during a summer that has been trying and unusually wet. The highlights of the season so far have been the show in Newark, which always includes an enthusiastic audience, and Waterloo Premium Outlets, where the girls turned in a strong performance. August will be a very busy month with 12 scheduled performances, beginning on the first, when the group will return to What’s ‘Ur Scoop Ice Cream, and concluding with a Corvette car show at Van Bortel’s Chevrolet on August 22. Fortunately, the Charcoal Corral show in Perry has been rescheduled for August 4. The Rev-on car show, originally scheduled for August 4, has been moved to the new date of August 11. We would like to thank the Natalie B. Band for switching dates with us at the Rev-on show. Check the events section of our webpage for more details.


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